Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay

As I moved through the Rolfing series, I gained a felt awareness of my body in space.  As a woman, I had always tried to make my body "smaller," to occupy less space.  Rolfing added space between bones, inside joints.  I felt "larger," more fluid.  It was a remarkable experience that is hard to describe without sounding mystical, but in truth it is life-changing.

What has changed for me? I can focus on a part of my body that is constricted and help loosen and "lubricate" the problem area. I have a refined awareness of how I move. My problem areas are less problematic. And Rolfing has made my hammertoes straight! I highly recommend the Rolfing series with Jenny Hall.

-- A.S., Manhattan, NY



I had originally learned about Rolfing from a friend who credited it with eliminating a lot of the discomfort she was feeling from an intense running schedule. My own training schedule was becoming less bearable due to a number of recurring aches and pains.

The idea of reorganizing fascia was unfamiliar to me. I quickly learned that each session wouldn’t necessarily bring the sort of relief that massage does, but in the days that followed each session I would experience a number of ‘aha moments’ as I noticed improvements in my running form and efficiency. I also felt an increasing amount of confidence with each step taken without pain or instability.

I had heard from a number of sources is that it would hurt a lot, but this was certainly not my experience with Jenny. Some sessions had their moments of pain, but nothing unbearable and nothing constant.

Toward the end of my series, I ran two marathons on two different continents within the span of two weeks. Other than the expected soreness of muscle fatigue, I experienced little discomfort around either of these races, even with two transatlantic and two domestic flights thrown in! I believe the changes my body experienced through Rolfing was key to the swiftness and ease of my recovery. Since the end of my series, I’ve noticed that I’m still able to effortlessly maintain good running form on days when I’m otherwise not feeling all that great.

Nathon Turner, Brooklyn NY


 Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa

I’ve worked out hard almost every day since I was a teenager. My strength and endurance stayed strong until I reached my late fifties when I developed arthritis in my lower back. While painful. I’ve refused to give into it and I still continue to exercise. The arthritis has reduced my flexibility and made sitting and standing for long periods painful. My posture suffered and my wife said I was standing like an old man. Over the past eight years I have tried physical therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture treatments, and massage therapy in addition to stretching more and working on my core. Rolfing has been the only therapy that has helped me significantly.

I still don’t understand exactly how it works, but it does.  After the first two sessions I didn’t notice any changes. Shortly, after session three I took my weekly bus ride from New Hampshire to Boston. Normally after the two hour trip I’d walk off the bus hunched over in pain. I was stunned to be able to walk off the bus not hunched over in pain for the first time since my arthritis set in eight years ago.  I didn’t notice any more dramatic changes until completing the seventh session. Immediately after the session I could feel my weight distribution and posture was different. I noticed that my thumbs were resting against my thighs instead of my palms. My pants felt differently around my waist and my wife even noticed the posture change when I got home.  After a few days I noticed more flexibility in my core that started to help me in my workouts. The final session focused on my lower back. My back has not felt this good in years. I know my arthritis will never go away, but the Rolfing has helped me to deal with it.

Thank you for making my life better!

Joel G, Holderness, NH

I'm thrilled with the results and highly recommend the 10-session Rolfing series. I've had chronic neck pain (C1/2) for 5+ years and have tried a range of therapies/massage. Jenny worked from the bottom up, literally starting with my feet, to realign my posture & teach my body it's ideal positioning. The treatment is very relaxing yet powerful and results driven--I'm happily pain free!  As an extended benefit, Jenny released physical aspects of anxiety that my body had been holding onto.

-- Renee Phillips, New York, NY

I've been going to see Jenny for years now and she is just wonderful. I have long-standing problems with my upper back, neck and shoulders, ever since I was a kid, and when I first went to see her I was in immobilizing pain. Now I see her once a month and the only times I have pain are when I need to replace my neck pillow or something like that. She is kind and a good listener, and has gone out of her way to help me many times. She is excellent help in an emergency.

--Veronica S, Brooklyn, NY

Jenny's work is graceful, specific, intuitive and healing. I have never had a practitioner whom I felt was truly able to address the body from this perspective. I have seen an osteopath for many years and Jenny's approach has a similar feeling. I believe that she is "reading" my body and finding pathways that need to be restored and working on a very subtle yet deep level. I can't give a high enough recommendation!\

-- Stacey B, New York, NY

Jenny is smart, kind & straight-up, with hands that seem to have a conversation with my aching neck. I wish I could tell you more about what she did, but I fell into a blissful trance as soon as she went to work on my arthritis-swollen fingers. I was able to run when I left her office for the first time in months! My neck still hurts--she didn't promise otherwise--but the pain is no longer so frightening.

--Nancy W, New York, NY

I have tried dozens of massage therapists over the years including those working at luxury spas and Jenny is definitely worth her weight in gold. She has a healing touch, her style is tailor made to suit my needs and she melts away all my knots. I especially love her attention to the little details that aide in my relaxation and comfort. She also uses a high quality organic blend of massage oil that leaves my skin silky smooth but never greasy. I no longer get massages elsewhere even when away on vacation as they truly pale in comparison. I've sent several of my friends to her and all found her to be exceptional.

-- Leeat F. Bronx, NY