Not only is Jenny an incredibly intuitive and gifted healer, her approach encourages expansion and grounding that goes beyond the mechanics of movement. Most important for me, the work I've done with Jenny has worked in synergy with other healing modalities, including talk therapy and intuitive energy work. Jenny isn't first bodyworker or Rolfer I've worked with, but she's certainly the best.


I had been experiencing hip pain for four years. In that time I tried physical therapy, kinesiology, acupuncture and even diet changes. Some of these offered temporary relief but the problems continued and I began to accept it was part of my life. Not only did it not go away but it expanded to my feet making walking unbearable and I decided to give one more thing a try and went to Jenny. Having read on the internet that Rolfing is painful I was relieved that her approach was so gentle to coax the body back into alignment. Relief and drastic changes resulted from the first session. Throughout the rolfing 10 it was like going to couples therapy to help my mind and body learn to communicate again. For the first time in years walking is not painful and I feel stronger in my body. Shoes that were headed for the garbage are comfortable again and I have a renewed outlook on a life without pain, knowing if things get off track again, I can and will go back for maintenance. Jenny is a very talented healer.


Jenny Hall is a true healer. Working with her throughout my pregnancy was a true gift. I began seeing Jenny when I was in my second trimester and experiencing some sciatic pain that was affecting me throughout the day. I had tried traditional massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture — all activities I love — but none of them helped me. I did four bodywork sessions with Jenny within the span of a few weeks. By the end of those sessions the sciatica pain was gone. Not only were they a calm moment in the busy months before my baby was born, my sessions with Jenny were an essential part of preparing for birth and finding comfort during pregnancy. After I gave birth, Jenny came to my apartment for a house call. She treated the aches and pains I was experiencing. Her presence in that moment of postpartum was so nurturing. Overall, working with Jenny has been transformative.


It is no exaggeration to say Jenny has changed my life. I had chronic back pain for years that no practitioners could do much to help. After working with Jenny I am back pain free and can sit and stand comfortably and do movements that I could not do for years. I could not recommend her more.

- Kristen K.T.

I've been seeing Jenny on and off for several years and she is a truly talented healer. I recently did a 4 session Rolfing mini-series that integrated SourcePoint and visceral work. I love the combination of the Rolfing and energetic work. I would feel the benefits within a day or two after each treatment, and the actual treatment process is extremely soothing and relaxing. Jenny's care dramatically reduces the leg and joint pain, and muscle tension/soreness I experience. The visceral work has significantly settled my digestive discomfort. I always do better when I see Jenny regularly for monthly maintenance sessions. She is truly the best!

- M.T.

I cannot offer enough praise for my ongoing work with Jenny Hall.  Both my muscles and my mind learn more and more at my monthly Rolfing "tune-ups".  After completing my initial 10-Series several years ago, I felt good.  I was at ease with my body, which felt in tune, relaxed, and expansive.  I noted that some changes were permanent, while others were ephemeral.  For example, my shoulders are very tight.  Jenny's ability both to create space and to teach me to recreate that space is wonderful.  Her explanations include anatomy, prompts, and visualizations.  I continue to work with Jenny every month to reteach my muscles and relearn how they work. 

- A.S.

I love going to see Jenny. She is very intuitive and is always paying attention to what my body really needs for a truly personalized experienced. Her demeanor is warm and friendly and I always leave feeling relaxed and much more comfortable in my body. I would recommend her to anyone!

- H.H.

In my late fifties I developed arthritis in my low back. Over the past eight years I have tried physical therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture treatments, and massage therapy in addition to stretching more and working on my core. Rolfing has been the only therapy that has helped me significantly. I still don’t understand exactly how it works, but it does. My back has not felt this good in years. I know my arthritis will never go away, but the Rolfing has helped me to deal with it. Thank you for making my life better!

- Joel G.

I'm thrilled with the results, and highly recommend, the 10-session Rolfing series with Jenny. I've had chronic neck pain (C1/2) for 5+ years and have tried a range of therapies/massage. Jenny worked from the bottom up, literally starting with my feet, to realign my posture and teach my body its ideal positioning.The treatment is very relaxing yet powerful and results driven -- I'm happily pain free! As an extended benefit, Jenny released physical aspects of anxiety that my body had been holding onto.

- Renee P.

I was looking for a Prenatal Bodywork practitioner when I was pregnant 4 years ago.  Being very small, I wanted some gentle work which would help my body deal with growing another human (often when space was very tight!)  Jenny is an amazingly calm and gentle person. I found her sessions helped me as a way of keeping in good shape throughout the pregnancy.  Although I was lucky not to suffer with any back pain etc during pregnancy, Jenny certainly offered a calming and restorative treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


As I got older I slowly lost range of motion from years of a sedentary office type existence. Didn't realize just how limited my physical movement had become until I finally started exercising again after 10+ years of nothing. Jenny is fantastic and a joy to be around, and my results make we wish I'd found out about her practice sooner. DON'T WAIT.

- Jeff R.

I met Jenny to do my first session and was immediately impressed by her stillness and warmth. I have nerve pain due to some degenerating discs and have tried many different modalities to relieve the pain After my first session with Jenny I definitely noticed a difference and now plan to continue working with her. Her combination of Rolfing and energy work is unique, and I am excited and curious to begin my course of treatment with her.

- Paige K.

As I moved through the Rolfing series, I gained a felt awareness of my body in space.  As a woman, I had always tried to make my body "smaller," to occupy less space.  Rolfing added space between bones, inside joints.  I felt "larger," more fluid.  It was a remarkable experience that is hard to describe without sounding mystical, but in truth it is life-changing. What has changed for me? I can focus on a part of my body that is constricted and help loosen and "lubricate" the problem area. I have a refined awareness of how I move. My problem areas are less problematic. And Rolfing has made my hammertoes straight! I highly recommend the Rolfing 10-series with Jenny Hall.

- A.S.

I am going through the Rolfing 10-Series with Jenny and, having recently finished Session 4, I cannot believe how much better my body already feels. I usually have lots of back discomfort, both upper and lower, and noticed last night at dinner that sitting up straight felt completely effortless! It feels like my body is getting unstuck from its old patterns and I'm becoming much more aware of how I hold myself/move. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series.

- Maria K.

Jenny is smart, kind, and straight-up, with hands that seemed to have a conversation with my aching neck. I wish I could tell you more about what she did, but I fell into a blissful trance as soon as she went to work on my arthritis-swollen fingers. I was able to run when I left her office, for the first time in months. My neck still hurts--she didn't promise otherwise--but the pain is no longer so frightening.

Nancy W

I had a Rolfing session with Jenny yesterday, and she was incredibly effective at relieving my chronic lower back pain and other aches I didn't even realize I was carrying around with me. Jenny is a warm, knowledgeable, intuitive and immensely gifted practitioner -- she is the best!

- L.T.

Jenny's work is graceful, specific, intuitive and healing. I have never had a bodywork practitioner whom I felt was truly able to address the body from this perspective. I have seen an osteopath for many years and Jenny's approach has a similar feeling. I believe that she is "reading" my body and finding pathways that need to be restored and working on a very subtle yet deep level. I can't give a high enough recommendation!

- Stacey B.

I've been going to see Jenny for years now and she is just wonderful. I have long-standing problems with my upper back, neck and shoulders, ever since I was a kid, and when I first went to see her I was in immobilizing pain. Now I see her once a month and the only times I have pain are when I need to replace my neck pillow or something like that. She is kind and a good listener, and has gone out of her way to help me many times. She is excellent help in an emergency.

- Veronica S.