Is Rolfing® Painful?

The short answer is: not the way I do it.  The key to Rolfing's success is not deep pressure but rather precise and detailed work performed over a sequence of sessions. Sometimes the contact may feel intense (in that "good hurt" way) but it will never be painful.

Do you offer the Rolfing 10-Series?

Yes! The 10-Series is a special sequence of 10 sessions that, step by step, help to eliminate patterns of tension and restore organic alignment. The 10-series is composed of 3 distinct segments (sessions 1-3, sessions 4-7 and sessions 8-10) so breaks can be taken between sections as needed. While I believe every person would benefit from receiving the 10-Series, I also offer individual sessions and mini-series.

How many sessions will I need?

I recommend each person begin with 3 sessions (a mini-series). This allows enough time for the work to begin effecting change through the body. If you decide you'd like to continue working together, we will discuss a treatment plan that fits your needs, schedule and finances.

What should I wear?

Please bring clothes to change into for your session. I recommend yoga or athletic shorts, with a sports bra on top for women. If you prefer fuller coverage, pants and a shirt are fine as long as they are not restrictive.

What is a session like?

My Standard Session is 70 minutes and costs $180. New clients will fill out an intake form at the beginning of the session and we will speak about your particular goals for the work. Simple observational assessment will be done at the beginning and end of each session. Walking, knee bending, arm arcs, etc, help me understand your body's abilities and restrictions so they can be addressed in the session. Work on the massage table constitutes the bulk of the session. I may ask for small movements while I am working -- like "lengthen through your heel" or "rotate your head" -- as a way to facilitate an unwinding in the tissue. Though the purpose of this work is not relaxation, it does have a very calming effect. Clients are often surprised by how relaxed they feel afterwards.

What's your cancellation policy?

I maintain a strict 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. Because I use online booking, this ensures that clients have enough time to find and book newly available appointments. If a session is not cancelled or rescheduled more that 48 hours in advance, the client is responsible for full payment.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Venmo or Chase QuickPay are all accepted. No credit cards (except in the case of purchasing a Gift Certificate online).

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes. Individual sessions or packages can be purchased as Gift Certificates through my online shop and are payable by credit card. Once payment has been processed, the gift certificate will be provided in either virtual (jpeg) or hard copy form as requested. 


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