Rolfing® Structural Integration

The traditional Rolfing series unfolds over an arc of 10 Sessions, ideally performed at one week intervals. Each Rolfing session is unique, comprised of a hands-on portion and an educational component that compliments the framework of that session. They build, one upon the next, to help free the body from old, restrictive patterns and explore new, easier possibilities. Sessions are an opportunity for exploration and discovery which might be challenging, surprising, insightful and fun!




Rolfing Session: 75 Minutes // $160

Due at the time of your session in CASH, CHECK or VENMO

Each session is 75 minutes and includes:

  • A verbal check-in
  • Simple movements like walking and knee bending. Observing the body in motion allows me to better understand the specific nuance of what's working well, what's stuck or challenged, and how to tailor the session for maximum benefit. These movements also give us both a moving "before" snapshot to which we can compare after the session.
  • Hands-on work, done on a massage table. Some sessions include a seated backwork portion, done on a Rolfing bench.
  • Some sessions also include a "functional movement" piece where we explore how to directly integrate the work into your daily life.
  • Post-work assessment. We take a moving "after" snapshot of what's changed during the session.
  • Check-out. Payment and scheduling.


Client "Uniform":

  • Women, please bring shorts and a bra (opaque or sports)
  • Men, please bring shorts


Series Trajectory:

  • Sessions 1-3 are known as the Superficial Hours. 
  • Sessions 4-7 make up the Core Hours.
  • Sessions 8-10 are considered the Integrative Hours. 



Rolfing, originally known as Structural Integration, was the lifelong work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1869-1979), an American biochemist who pioneered her own specific brand of soft tissue manipulation and movement education. Influenced by the work of Osteopathy, Yoga and Gestalt Therapy (amongst other things), she worked tirelessly and independently to help clients find solutions to their chronic and debilitating conditions. Often, the people she worked with were deemed "beyond help" by mainstream medical society. She became particularly interested in the fascia, or connective tissue, and it's profound role in communicating between the disparate internal structures of the body. She also became fascinated by the impact of gravity on the body. Noticing that many people tend to succumb to gravity (see the "before" image of the young woman below), she used her hands-on modalities to affect bodily structure so that people leave supported by gravity (as in the "after" shot). Her explorations into fascia, gravity, structural change and functional movement were many decades ahead of their time.

In the years since her death, Rolfing practitioners keep Dr. Rolf's work alive and evolving amidst the latest scientific discoveries. Each Rolfer practices their own distinct variation of the work as informed by personal influences and paths of study. The Rolfing 10-Series provides a wonderful overarching structure within which there is lots of freedom for specifically tailored work. The results from this combined form of manual therapy and sensorimotor education are incredibly widespread.

This bodywork provides

 Keith Haring

Keith Haring

  • Decreased physical pain and discomfort
  • Rehabilitation from surgery or injury
  • Changes in posture without holding or efforting
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased self confidence
  • Fuller sense of embodiment and comfort in one's skin
  • Decompression throughout the body's joints 
  • Increased clarity in body and mind
  • Increased organization of the body in space


Sessions may be cancelled or changed more than 48 hours in advance at no cost. Any session cancelled or changed with less than 48 hours notice will be billed to the client at full cost.