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I reached out to Jenny to schedule a Prenatal Rolfing appointment when I was about 6 months pregnant. It had been a healthy and fairly uneventful pregnancy, but I was beginning to feel pain in various parts of my body as I was struggling to accommodate the growing weight and size of my baby. By the time I had reached the third trimester, my alignment was feeling off, my joints were swelling, I was having a harder time walking and standing, and I was experiencing strange stabbing pains in different parts of my body. Very uncomfortable! Meeting with Jenny was incredibly helpful. Her highly skilled hands seemed to know exactly where to go to help my system feel more ease and fluidity. In our sessions, she maintained a gentle, calming, yet firmly supportive presence. She invited movement as well as relaxation in the Rolfing process. Our work together was more focused and targeted than a full body massage, and the effects lingered longer than other bodywork I've had. I was able to sleep more comfortably after our sessions and felt refreshed upon waking. After the birth in the postpartum period, Jenny helped my body find its way back to its pre-pregnancy alignment, assisting my hips, legs, back, and even my internal organs(!) in the adjustment of no longer having to accommodate a baby. The work has been and continues to be soothing and transformative. I highly and heart-fully recommend Jenny! 


When I was about 7 months pregnant I remember feeling like I couldn’t get a full breath and the baby was taking up so much space that I just could t get comfortable. Jenny thought that visceral work would give me some relief. The work itself was gentle but extremely effective. It turned out it was my heart and lungs requiring attention and space. After I stood up I remember feeling so much taller and that there was more space for me and the baby. It was a huge relief and so important to me especially in that ever changing state.


I have been seeing Jenny Hall for Rolfing throughout the second and third trimester of my pregnancy. She has been fantastic. The sessions have helped with symptom relief, given me guidance around connecting with my body and my baby and supported me in preparation for birth. Additionally, a long standing (prior to pregnancy) shoulder and neck problem seems to have disappeared! Jenny is skilled, thorough and very knowledgeable about the human body and it’s processes.



I started working with Jenny at the end of my 2nd trimester. I was having a lot of hip/sciatic pain. I was still working (I am a massage therapist/doula) and I was afraid I would have to stop earlier than I wanted to. Each visit was extremely informative. Jenny helped me each time by not only addressing and actually fixing the issue I was having (which can be like putting out fires when you're pregnant as your body changes) but she also explained what she was doing and why which was helpful to inform my self care outside of our appointments. Her technique is not what I expected as it is not deep work like traditional Rolfing. She assessed my walk and how I stood and saw where things might be stuck in my body. Her work feels very thorough but also as if she's doing magic on you because the work is so subtle. I recommend this work for literally anyone and everyone. It has made my pregnancy much more comfortable than it would have been. I'm still working at 37 weeks because of her and because of the work she did. I really feel like it has given me the confidence in my body to handle whatever labor throws my way.



Jenny Hall is a true healer. Working with her throughout my pregnancy was a true gift. I began seeing Jenny when I was in my second trimester and experiencing some sciatic pain that was affecting me throughout the day. I had tried traditional massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture — all activities I love — but none of them helped me. I did four bodywork sessions with Jenny within the span of a few weeks. By the end of those sessions the sciatica pain was gone. Not only were they a calm moment in the busy months before my baby was born, my sessions with Jenny were an essential part of preparing for birth and finding comfort during pregnancy. After I gave birth, Jenny came to my apartment for a house call. She treated the aches and pains I was experiencing. Her presence in that moment of postpartum was so nurturing. Overall, working with Jenny has been transformative.



I was looking for a Prenatal Bodywork practitioner when I was pregnant 4 years ago.  Being very small, I wanted some gentle work which would help my body deal with growing another human (often when space was very tight!)  Jenny is an amazingly calm and gentle person. I found her sessions helped me as a way of keeping in good shape throughout the pregnancy.  Although I was lucky not to suffer with any back pain etc during pregnancy, Jenny certainly offered a calming and restorative treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough!



I went in for a few Rolfing sessions toward the end of my pregnancy. I had horrible lower back and hip pain. Jenny was super gentle and focused. I felt an improvement immediately after the first session.