Massage Therapy

My signature massage is infused with the practices of Acupressure, Rolfing, The Rosen Method and Hot Stone Therapy. Using these hands-on modalities along with healing intuition, I work to un-block the stuck areas, opening internal pathways so that the body can more fully integrate. All day every day, our attention and energies are drawn outward.  Each massage session is an invaluable time to redirect that energy back inside–to regenerate, rebalance, relax.  Tight muscles are smoothed and lengthened; joints are decompressed and mobilized; knots are interrupted and unwound; body and mind are supported on their path toward wholeness. 

Signature Session: 60 Minutes // $150

Due at the time of your session in CASH or CHECK

Photograph by C. Hunsburger


Sessions may be cancelled or changed more than 48 hours in advance at no cost. Any session cancelled or changed with less than 48 hours notice will be billed to the client at full cost.